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Plus, the beautiful handcrafted precast tiles are not only designed for elevated decks and roof decks, but they also add class and elegance to all of your other outdoor areas as well: concrete slabs, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, porches, patios, balconies, three-season porches, concrete steps, and ground pavers.

Lightweight insulating concrete for floors and roof decks

Whether low density concrete is used as a floor fill or p a r t of a roof deck, the form which supports it genera l l y becomes a permanent part of the in-place constru c t i o n . Typical forming or support systems include: • Co r r ugated, galva n i z ed sheet metal, appro p ri a t e l y vented and designed to carry the roof load.

Aerial Precast Concrete – Structural Steel

Aerial Precast Concrete & Structural Steel. Aerial Precast Concrete & Structural Steel has been building and installing reliable, competitively superior products that represent the most innovative aspects of production technology and industry standards for over 20 years!


Total Precast Concrete Structures 5 Total precast concrete building systems are a popular choice for many construction projects. Architectural and structural precast prestressed concrete components can be combined to create the entire building. This design approach can take several forms, including precast columns and beams with panelized clad-

Advantage Hollowcore – Precast Floors, Hollow Core Floors

Precast floors, and in particular hollowcore floors, offer many advantages over alternative flooring construction methods, such as in-situ, metal deck and timber. Prestressed hollowcore floors provide the most economical flooring solution for the widest variety of situations in masonry, steel and concrete structures.

Floor Slabs - Banagher Precast Concrete Ltd

Double Tee Flooring. Where we stand apart from other precast manufacturers is with our unique Banagher Double Tee floor/roof beams – our double tees can span up to 30 m and have been implemented in buildings, multi-storey car parks and more frequently in reservoirs, swimming pools and sports facilities where long spans are required without central supports.

Precast Concrete Double Tees

Spancrete Double Tees are used for applications that require long, clear spans and extreme durability and strength, such as parking structures, swimming pools, gymnasiums, commercial, and industrial building walls and roofs. Double Tees are plant-fabricated, which provides excellent quality control and speeds the construction process.


Zurn trench drain systems offer the durability and flexibility expected in commercial applications. Zurn’s line of fiberglass trench drains, plastic trench drains and stainless drains provide a drainage solution for every situation.

Precast Concrete Floor Precast Concrete Floor

Apr 29, 2019 · Precast Concrete Floor. Paint your floor wall gray, to make the contemporary look more powerful. For the sink, choose white one to balance the atmosphere. People do not need to be worried about the measurement of the counter as it can match perfectly together with the available space for counter in the floor for ex...

Hollowcore Plank

Prestressed concrete has been used for over 30 years in commercial and highway construction projects where concrete must span long distances between supporting structures. Precast, Prestressed Hollowcore Planking is used primarily as a floor, roof, mezzanine area or tilt-up wall panel in commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.

Austral Deck Flooring

Austral Deck is a exible solution designed to be installed with the entire range of Austral Precast Walling, Framework, Stairs and Balcony Solutions offering a complete precast building solution. Austral Deck incorporates triangular truss reinforcement (lattice girder) providing a bond between the precast and in-situ concrete.

BGC Precast Concrete

BGC Precast Concrete supplies precast concrete products to the WA building and construction industries including Hollowcore Flooring, Wall Panels, Beams and Columns and Other Products.

UL Designs & Thickness — Floor Assemblies | Resource

We hope the information here will be helpful. It is based on data and knowledge considered to be true and accurate and is offered for consideration, investigation and verification by the user, but we do not warrant the results to be obtained.

Floor Systems Fake Concrete Floor

2020/03/03 · Floor Systems. Bathroom countertops closets are definitely the most crucial furnitures to have on your floor. Bathroom countertops offer you area to set your floor stuff and sink, while storage cabinets would be the storage way to keep your toiltries towels, and other floor linens. Here are some suggestions to habit...

Hollowcore Precast Concrete – Concrete Planks & Slabs

No other building system accommodates creativity and practicality like Spancrete hollowcore floor and roof building systems. Serving as a combined deck and ceiling system, the planks erect quickly to reduce on-site labor needs and are capable of spanning long open spaces to aid design flexibility.

Typical NBS Specification Clauses

Celcon Blocks for Beam and Block Floors E60 Precast/ Composite Concrete Floors/ Roof Decks 295 Autoclaved aerated concrete infill blocks Blocks: To BS EN 771-4 Manufacturer: H+H UK Ltd, Celcon House, Ightham, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 9HZ Tel: 01732 886444, Fax: 01732 887013 Web:

The experts in precast hollow-core flooring and concrete wall

The experts in precast hollow-core flooring and concrete wall solutions Established in 1983 Echo boasts more than 30 years experience in the design manufacture, delivery and installation of hollow-core floors and walls, reinforced hollow-core concrete floor slabs and prestressed hollow-core concrete floors, security and retaining walls.

Structural Engineering Specification

• C14821 White Rock Innovation Centre R01 33 of 49 E60 Precast/ composite concrete floors/ roof decks C14821 White Rock Innovation Centre R01 34 of 49 E60 Precast/ composite concrete floors/ roof decks PROPRIETARY FLOORS/ ROOF DECKS 180 PRECAST STAIRSInternal Manufacturer: As precast floors. Product reference: Contractor's choice.

Concrete Floor Decks| Concrete Construction Magazine

Reinforced concrete floor decks have become increasingly popular in homes over the last decade. In part, this is because consumers' interest in their advantages (strength, rigidity, durability, sound attenuation, and suitability for in-floor radiant heating and decorative concrete finishes) has steadily increased.

Full text of "PCI MNL-121: Manual for Structural Design of

Full text of "PCI MNL-121: Manual for Structural Design of Architectural Precast Concrete" See other formats ...

Types of Steel from BPi

Types of Steel from BPi

Ghostshield Concrete Sealers // Water, Oil & Salt

Ghostshield is a premium brand concrete sealer — featuring specialty water, oil and road salt resistant concrete sealers, densifiers and epoxy coatings. Higher-actives formulas, easy application, and deeper penetration make the Ghostshield brand of concrete sealer one of the best concrete …

Nbs Reference Specification

d50 underpinning 22,e10 in situ concrete 23,e20 formwork for in situ concrete 25. e30 reinforcement for in situ concrete 27,e60 precast concrete floors and roof decks 28. f10 brick and block walling 29,f11 glass block walling 31. f20 natural stone rubble walling 32,f21 natural stone ashlar walling and dressings 33.


An existing BSI publication bearing a number identical to one announced below is automatically withdrawn unless stated otherwise. In all other cases of supersession, details are given and a corresponding entry appears in the 'British Standards withdrawn' section. BS 1881-210:2013 Testing hardened concrete. Determination of the potential ...

Precast concrete floors/ roof decks

Precast concrete floors/ roof decks (E60) Search. Autoclaved aerated concrete large format blocks. General purpose medium density concrete blocks. Steel connectors for precast concrete beams. Aircrete blocks for use between reinforced concrete 'I' beams. A range of commodity blocks, suitable for a variety of walling applications.

Roof and Floor Deck Systems - MidCon Products Inc

Roof and Floor Deck Systems 2" Metal-Edge Tongue & Groove Plank Metal-edge tounge & groove plank is a lightweight (12 psf) precast concrete plank produced in a standard 1'-6"x10'x2" size with a cold-rolled 22 ga. galvanized metal edging.

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drilled piles may be of timber, steel or precast concrete and are placed with pile-driving hammers. drilled piles or caissons are usually called piers drilled piles one type of pile foundation system frequently used is the grade beam, with this system, piles are driven or drilled in line at regular intervals and connected with a continuous ...

Rail Engineer - Issue 162

Engineer. by rail engineers for rail engineers. APRIL 2018 - ISSUE 162. Northern’s trains. from Spain. HOW TO REFIT A TRAIN IN 9 DAYS. Siemens is rebuilding the TransPennine fleet of 51 Class ...


PRECAST STAIRS (E60 180) Search. Precast concrete helical stair. Precast concrete helical stair. Permanent recess former embedded into concrete walls to fit connectors cast into concrete floors and landings. Telescopic steel connectors for precast concrete stairs. Precast concrete stair. Telescopic steel connectors for precast concrete stairs.

Lecture 3 –Precast Concrete in Building

18/3/2016 4 Precast Concrete Precast Concrete Slabs •Used for floor and roof decks. •Deeper elements (toward the right below) span further than those that are shll (t dthlft)hallower (toward the left). •Right: Hollow core slabs stacked

Kingspan Multideck Metal / Steel Decking Products from

We are leading installers of steel decking products within the UK. We are preferred suppliers of Kingspan Multideck, FloorDeck and Metal Deck. Here you can browse through our steel decking products, learning their key features and download datasheets.

Hollowcore Precast Concrete – Concrete Planks

Spancrete hollowcore precast concrete planks & slabs are fire resistant, reduce weight and costs. Learn more and see projects with hollowcore slabs. ... Efficient and Durable. Why build with Spancrete hollowcore Meet tight

Precast Products | Metromont - Precast Concrete & Concrete

The Metro-Deck precast/prestressed concrete framing system incorporates a floor and roof product that is based on proven engineering principles and applications. The thin floor plate design offers all the benefits of commercially available concrete systems and much more.

Precast Concrete Floors | Flooring UK

FP McCann is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high-quality precast concrete floors. A family run business with over 60 years’ experience, we offer an extensive range of precast concrete flooring solutions including beam and block/poly flooring, ThermaBeam™ flooring, hollowcore flooring, stairs and landings to the industrial, commercial and domestic markets.

Floor & Roof Panels

Floor & Roof Panels Overview Oldcastle Infrastructure’s precast concrete slabs are offered in a variety of sizes and are flexible for us in a multitude of flooring and foundation applications.

Products – Spancrete SMA

Precast, Prestressed Hollowcore Plank for Floors and Roofs. Spancrete ® hollowcore plank has been used for more than one billion square feet of floor and roof construction worldwide. It is the most economical way to obtain long spans with minimal depth and a capacity for heavy loads.

Precast Concrete Floors, Roof Slabs, Walls and Partitions

Precast Concrete Floors, Roof Slabs, Walls, and Partitions The most commonly used precast slabs or panels for FLOOR and ROOF DECKS are the channel and double-T types (fig. 7-16, views A and B). The channel slabs vary in size with a depth ranging from 9 to 12 in., width 2 to 5 ft, and a thickness of 1 to 2 in.

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